In this mixed bag of an episode we chat about what is Canadian hardcore's distictive sound, SNFU and the death of Chi Pig (RIP) and some mixed in there mid to late 80's stories about Hamilton punk. Oh and there's a set of underheard songs past and present here as well. Featuring the music of SNFU, Chelsea, Naujawan Baidar, Husker Du, Fair Warning, Social Unrest, Mdou Moctar, Beyond Possession, Rabid Lassie, The Sods, Sudden Impact, Isocracy and Personality Crisis.

In this episode, we play songs that talk about freedom, cops and racism. Featuring the music of The Dicks, Gasmask Terror, Please Inform The Captain This is a Hijack, 4 Skins, Forward, G.L.O.S.S., Krakdown, Raw Power, Haram, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Assfactor 4, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Flesh Rag, Powerage and The Fartz.

This episode plays some songs that explore some of the compilations in the US from 1982. This episode features music by Rebel Truth, Red C,  The Undead, Los Olvidados, Minutemen, Adrenalin OD, Government Issue, Urinals, False Prophets, China White, MDC, Unaware, Saccharine Trust, Heart Attack, Artificial Peace and DC's Youth Brigade. Also some thoughts on Saccharine Trust not being the black sheep of the SST catalog and the importance of comp only bands.

This episode plays some songs that describe the process of what we're going through with Covid-19. This episode features music by The Dicks, Forward, Bad Posture, Lost Sounds, Infest, Under Pressure, Iron Lung, Victims, Flesh Rag, Universal Order of Armageddon, Black Eyes Club, Burial, 16, Knifed and Die Kreuzen. Also reminiscing about Mordam Records and Distribution, creating new words due to exhaustion, 90's mixtape staples and counting how many times I use the phrase criminally underrated.

This episode explores some of the punk and hardcore music I’ve bought in Febraury and March 2020, in Japan. This episode features music by Aburadako, The Stalin, Padlock, Revenge Core, Kikeiji, Eiefits, Order, Nightmare (the hardcore band, not the visual kei band), Screaming Hog, Eve, Laughin’ Nose, Veihaiz, Max Overheat and Anarchy. Also record shopping in Kyoto, CD collecting and why opening bands in Japan are better than in North America.

February 16, 2020

General Admission Podcast #21

In this episode, we explore songs about love (in honor of Valentine's Day) by bands like Forward, Christ on Parade, The Pagans, The Briefs, The Simpletones, Descendents, Judgement and more.

In this episode we explore songs that are about World War 3.

December 30, 2019

General Admission Podcast #19

In this episode we continue to explore the idea of 1982 being the best year for punk and hardcore - by looking at more releases from the UK that weren't featured in the top 64 Hardcore March Madness elimination tournament.

November 17, 2019

General Admission Podcast #18

In this episode, we will cover some of the recent purchases including songs by Warhead, Colin Newman, The Subhumans, Forward, Rayos X, DMBQ, Killing Joke and more.

In this episode, we create a John Peel inspired podcast on the 15th Anniversary of his death.

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